Concrete Botanical is a plant-lifestyle brand that inspires people to live creatively through and with plants. 

I absolutely love capturing creative people in their “zones.” So when traveling to the east coast last fall, I was especially grateful for the opportunity to photograph my sister, Holly Smith (@concretebotanical_) in her home garden, doing what she loves.

Holly creates plant-related products as well as lively art with bright colors and unique, hand crafted designs. She also co-hosts a plant-inspired podcast, with her bestie Angelique (@succaforplantas) called “the Boozy Botanical Podcast” (@boozybotanicalpodcast) where they discuss plant-related and other relevant topics over booze… or water; as plant girlies appreciate the importance of hydration!

Living on opposite sides of the country from my sister can be a bummer at times, but it makes our visits that much more special <3 

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The Boozy Botanical Podcast