Meet Hayley


01 / 07

My story

I started taking pictures at a very young age and have always loved cameras and editing. I would go through disposable cameras like there was no tomorrow, and patiently awaited the 4x6 prints I’d candidly shoot of friends and family. In addition to photography, I loved painting oil on canvas, drawing, dancing, and spent much of my childhood in musical theater. I always knew I wanted a career where I could be creative and express myself through art.  

As I got older, I started shooting friend’s graduation/prom portraits, maternity, family sessions, etc. and occasionally boudoir with close friends. There was never a concert I’d attend without my sony cyber shot, which at the time, I thought was the coolest thing ever. 

I studied film production in college and had some amazing hands-on experiences learning things like lighting, cinematography, editing, set design, and how so many elements of artistic storytelling work together. 

Today, I offer a wide variety of photography services such as portraits, couples sessions, event photography, product shots, lifestyle, as well as photo editing. I’m sort of all over the place, I guess it's just my enthusiasm to capture all of the beautiful moments life has to offer. While many photographers urge to find a niche (and I totally respect that) I love being able to offer various types of photography. I shoot everything from traditional headshots to high-end environmental portraits, small informal gatherings to large-scale events across the country.

Though I definitely have days where I favor one genre over another, I never have a boring day and it allows me to connect with clients from many different walks of life. Maybe I’m still finding my path, but as long as I appreciate each moment, that’s perfectly fine with me for now. 

One of my favorite things about what I do is giving people the ability to hold precious moments or creative ideas in hand to look back on and cherish. While I madly respect the genius of the trendsetters, what makes a great image to me isn’t always about how well it will do online, but more so the meaning of that moment; and how I can amplify that. I do, of course, appreciate the technical accuracy of a complex edit, or the beauty and talent that goes into a fantasy piece, but knowing I can capture a real moment to savor forever is so fulfilling to me.

"Umber" is a natural pigment that comes from the earth, historically used by artists for dark, earthy tones and shadows. As a kid in art class, I typically chose this color when beginning a new oil on canvas painting. I wanted to name my business after something that reminds me of my love for art, and the feeling of fresh inspiration.

I'm all about seeking the adventure, beauty and magical moments life has to offer. If you’re looking for an experienced photographer who is friendly, professional and fun, drop me a message!